Grim Crowen

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Introvertedly awesome


I spy (this is the best description of the human starting zone)

Black Temple, Shadowmoon Valley

" You are not prepared"
Anonymous asked: omg!! you're sooooo sexy. marry me? <3 :D

Why thank you. Perhaps one day when the stars align, and all the wars in the world finally end. When the humble chipmunks share their food with daffodils then we may share our love. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that makes two of us 😏

Anonymous asked: Hi i tried going to your town via dream code and it says it doesn't exist :(


hi there, thank you for your interest in Grim. i searched for it with my second town and it does show up on the dream list. if you look for the town name its the first Grim with Luna as the mayor. image

or use this dream code: 4900-3655-4903 

hope this helps!

-luna 🌙


Grumpy cat Cake

I&#8217;d eat it

Skull Kid by Ronan LynamPart of a small series inspired by the happy denizens of Hyrule!